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A week on Vancouver Island’s West Coast Trail

In a recent article it was pointed out how my generation, born between ’77 and ’83, has been subcategorized. Apparently we were the last generation not breastfed on technology. We were self reliant. We used maps and knew how to go…

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Crystal Mountain Ski Area to I90

March 30 – April 2nd, 2017   I set out to meet Kyle Miller at his Mom’s place in Kent, Washington at 4 AM. Kyle had taken a hiatus from Finland where he had met a girl the previous year, a girl whom he married this summer,…

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Wind River Range, Wyoming

July 16-23, 2016 – By Jason Hummel  The Wind River Range in Wyoming is among the tastiest backpacking recipes anywhere. Once arrived set the sun to bake. Follow trails to paths then leave trails behind. Along your hike combine 12 cups lake hoping,…

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