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Mt. Skokomish, Glacier #201

April 16-17, 2019 Story and Photos by Jason Hummel There’s a feeling upon returning to the Olympics that I can’t escape. I think everyone feels it whenever they cross memorable paths in places where great memories, adventures, and friendships were…

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Lemah Peak, Glacier #200

January 14-16 Colton Jacobs, Jeff Rich and Jason Hummel January in Washington has a secret. It’s this: for a week or two during the month, it’s nearly always sunny. I know, you may balk at this pronouncement, especially you fair-weathered…

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Adventures, Olympic National Park, Skiing, Stories, Washington State

Royal Basin, Olympic National Park

April 30th-May 3rd, 2018 G.A Whitehead, an early 20th century Forest Service Ranger, named Royal Basin. His honorifics weren’t merely puff and circumstance. He was the first non-native to see the basin. It was unblemished or trammeled by man or…

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Adventures, Skiing, Stories, Washington State

Mount Rainier Ski Circumnavigation

April 23-25, 2018 Mount Rainier was first circumnavigated on skis May 24-30 1986 by N.L. Kirkland, Terry Pritchards, Dana Rush and Dr. Roy Walters. This adventure was inspired by earlier climbers. Two such adventures are chronicled in Dee Molenaar’s history…

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Mount Saint Helens, High Orbit

March 6, 2018  A high orbit of Mount Saint Helens should be on every ski tourers bucket list. Besides being the easiest way to visit all its named glaciers (a goal of my Washington glacier project), any circumnavigation of a…

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Glacier Peak Circumnavigation, Glaciers 147-153

After my friend Adam’s passing this year, I’ve pondered where I’d like my ashes to be spread when I pass on. It’s a hard question we avoid, most of us, our entire lives. We leave the choice to family and…

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Chilliwack 4-pack: Rahm, Custer, Redoubt and Spickard, Plus Glaciers 142-146

“Depot Falls,” I was told. “Go!” Years after this suggestion I dangled above Depot Falls. With my fate entrusted to a branch, I understood, and quickly became mesmerized by the thunderous rumble of glacier melt that poured 1000 feet to the forested valley floor, so distant and insignificant…

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Crystal Mountain Ski Area to I90

March 30 – April 2nd, 2017   I set out to meet Kyle Miller at his Mom’s place in Kent, Washington at 4 AM. Kyle had taken a hiatus from Finland where he had met a girl the previous year, a girl whom he married this summer,…

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Adam Roberts, RIP: 2/11/85-12/27/16

On my desk I have a quote taped there. It comes from a fortune cookie. It says, “A man’s dreams are an index to his greatness.” I look at it every day. My friend Adam Roberts dreamed of snow. It…

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Adventures, Backpacking, Olympic National Park, Skiing, Stories, Washington State

The Olympic Traverse

May 11-19, 2016 – By Jason Hummel Out my front door three blocks down 30th St. is a trail that takes me to the shores of Commencement Bay and from there, in the distance, rise the Olympic Mountains. I’m not…

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